Absci Expands Drug Discovery Capabilities with Opening of Absci AI Research Lab in New York City


Doubling down on in-silico drug discovery, Absci opens doors to new AAIR Lab located in Carnegie Hall Tower

VANCOUVER, Wash. and NEW YORK, April 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Absci Corporation (Nasdaq: ABSI), the drug and target discovery company harnessing deep learning AI and synthetic biology to expand the therapeutic potential of proteins, today announced the opening of the Absci AI Research Lab (“AAIR Lab”) in Manhattan’s Plaza District.

This office opening comes on the heels of Absci’s recent breakthrough achievements in machine learning for in silico antibody lead optimization, as well as its announcement of its collaboration with NVIDIA. The AAIR Lab, as a hub of Absci’s AI research, will build on these recent successes and continue to advance the nature and scope of therapeutic protein design.

“Absci’s expansion into one of the geographic hearts of AI research marks an exciting milestone for our team and brings us closer to our vision for de novo drug and cell line design entirely in silico,” said Sean McClain, founder and CEO of Absci. “We’re eager to tap into the deep talent pool in New York, the Northeast, and beyond, as we leverage game-changing technology to deliver better drugs to patients faster, all while collaborating in a beautiful space just steps from Central Park.”

The new AAIR Lab is located on the 43rd floor of Carnegie Hall Tower; with panoramic views of Central Park, the light-filled office is designed to energize and inspire innovation. The AAIR Lab will support the expansion of Absci’s Denovium™ Engine AI platform and deployment of its machine learning pipeline for predicting therapeutic protein sequences and cell line designs to optimize drug candidates for desired characteristics. The ongoing development of the AI models is enabled by Absci’s synthetic biology platform and the data it generates in its extensive wet lab. The combination of breakthrough AI technologies along with proprietary data production capabilities support Absci’s progress toward design of target-directed protein drug candidates fully in silico.

“The AAIR Lab is a space dedicated to training and bettering Absci’s machine learning models and computational pipeline,” said Absci Lead AI Scientist Joshua Meier. “It’s incredibly rewarding to walk into the office each day knowing that everyone is driven by the shared passion for AI and biologic drug design. I’m thrilled to be building out our New York-based AI group, which will join our existing multinational team of world-class AI experts as we make strides to accelerate drug discovery with the speed and scale of computation.”

About Absci

Absci is the drug and target discovery company harnessing deep learning AI and synthetic biology to expand the therapeutic potential of proteins. We built our Integrated Drug Creation™ Platform to identify novel drug targets, discover optimal biotherapeutic candidates, and generate the cell lines to manufacture them in a single efficient process. Biotech and pharma innovators partner with us to create the next generation of protein-based drugs, including Bionic™ Proteins containing nonstandard amino acids, and other novel drug designs that may be impossible to make with other technologies. Our goal is to enable the development of better medicines by Translating Ideas into Drugs™. For more information visit www.absci.com and follow us on social media: Twitter: @Abscibio, LinkedIn: @absci, and subscribe to our Absci YouTube channel.

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